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                Nc machine tool spindle device will affect the machining accuracy of the mold
                Nc machine tool spindle device will affect the machining accuracy of the mold Found no matter in gantry machining center, horizontal machining center or on vertical CNC machine tool processing and mold parts, machining precision of the often find including plane and round hole aperture is not in conformity with the technical requirements, flatness, accompanied by obvious vibration ripples, Ra error exist aperture, roundness and accuracy of the cylindricity error phenomenon.Caused most of the above situation, the cause and the factors and the main shaft parts of the equipment device has considerable bearing on the matter.Therefore, for the main part of the device fault and problems are classified and analyzed, in this paper, the cause for this is keeping for CNC system to analysis and discussions. Reason 1:1. The ultra precision analysis of spindle unit bearing accuracy out-of-tolerance and pre-tightening problem For all the machine tools, the main shaft device of the bearing is to ensure that the product machining precision of the key parts, if it is just new equipment put into operation, found that when the processing aperture exists the phenomenon of super precision roundness, it must first consider the precision of the spindle bearing itself and assembly quality problem.Machine manufacturer in design and assembly of spindle bearings, can according to the various technical parameters and requirements of machine tools, to properly choose the specifications of the main shaft bearing, form and assembly process, and the group of complete sets of matching the spindle bearing is adopted after precision measurement and artificial selection, and under the condition of constant temperature have been assembled, at any point in the process not to strict quality control, not in the correct assembly process, can cause the problem of ultra precision. If the processing aperture, aperture surface cutting knife is disorder, in the case of excluding cutting tools and materials, is about to consider the problem of spindle bearing pre-tightening force, main shaft bearing pre-tightening force is too large, will cause the spindle running moment bearing temperature rise more than 25 degrees, accelerate the wear of the bearing until shorten the service life of the burn out.If the spindle bearing pre-tightening force is too small, can cause the aperture surface cutting knife is disorder, and significantly associated with the processing weak phenomenon.The size of the prestressing force can generally by the direction of the precision measurement of axial clearance and the diameter of axle deformation, can also with practical experience in touch to check the size of the prestressing force.But in the end, the actual effect of or argument by processing products. Reason 2:2. Ultra precision analysis tool tension device tensioning force than failure At present various types of CNC machine tool tension device, generally adopts the structure of disc spring tension hydraulic loosening.Its principle is on the left side of the main shaft hole middle rod connected to tool pull nail claw, through a set of disc spring force of pull rod, make nail pull jaw taut cutter tool spindle taper hole taper shank and close coordination, this action is completed the machine knife process.Knife is by the hydraulic oil cylinder push rod, at the same time make the compressed disc springs pull rod moves to a certain distance, pulling claw will automatically open the release of tool rivet force, the cutting tool can be manually or automatically removed, to complete the process of unloading knife.The whole process of cutting tool tighten and loosen the automated functions. However, we are here on the machine which has the function of automatic aperture, found irregular processing aperture size, taper and vibration mark, after not tighten by diagnosis and analysis tools.Because we passed the digital tension meter is used to test, generally the spindle taper hole is Morse 50, its basic of 2-2.5 tons, tension is Morse taper hole 60, its tensile basic 3 tons and more than 3 tons of the number of grades.Claw of displacement is basic about 7-8 mm, found measured displacement is only 4.5 mm, to be sure the spindle tool breakage tension device of disc springs, lead to claw to reduce displacement, should tighten function lost disc springs.Though machine can normal execution processing procedure, machine signal acquisition can only detect ACTS on the pull rod of hydraulic oil cylinder to loosen and tighten the location of the machine tool itself is broken is not found in time disc springs.According to the technological requirements of assembly, after replacing the new disc spring, carry on the processing, the product got thoroughly solve the problem. 3. The analysis of three reasons: super precision tool taper shank and spindle taper hole poor contact This kind of tool for taper shank and the spindle taper hole poor contact, also can cause exists when processing aperture cylindricity and roundness accuracy out-of-tolerance phenomenon.When occurrence reason is replacing cutting tool, cutting tool's center line and main shaft centerline is not in the same axis, make knives rivet end unconsciously over time collision spindle taper hole, make tool taper shank and spindle taper hole surface amounted to less than 70%, this phenomenon is caused by tool taper shank not closely cooperate with the spindle taper hole, the cutting tool in machining the shaking phenomenon exists.The unreasonable collision comes from incorrect manual loading and manipulator automatically install knife is not installed tool will cause, is the best way to grinding spindle taper hole, but can be by electric wheel or manual polishing, to deal with and repair as soon as possible.Make both in the collection surface can reach more than 75%.The above phenomenon is relatively common, we should be paying attention. All in all, there are many factors influencing the processing precision of the spindle bearing, and as the preload preload gong cap end face and the axis is not perpendicular, will cause the uneven load bearing, spindle box problem such as the precision of the shaft hole happens above phenomenon.This needs us to continuously grope and discussed seriously, through reasonable to exclude, to solve the new problems.Our equipment is always in a good condition.
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