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                The development of high speed motorized spindle for CNC machine tools and the influence of metal cutting technology
                The development of high speed motorized spindle for CNC machine tools and the influence of metal cutting technology
                One, for numerical control machine tool modular design, simplify the structure of machine tool, to improve the performance of the role of machine tool
                (1) to simplify the structure, and promote the modular machine tool structure
                Motorized spindle can be according to the purpose, structure and performance parameters of the formation of standardization, seriation product, for the host, thus promote the modular machine tool structure.< br / >
                (2) reduce the machine cost, shorten the machine cycle
                On the one hand, standardization, seriation of motorized spindle product is easy to form a specialized, large-scale production, to achieve the feature of low cost manufacturing;On the other hand, the use of motorized spindle, machine tool structure simplification and modularization, and conducive to reduce the cost of machine tool.In addition, still can reduce the cycle of the machine tool development, adapt to the rapidly changing market trends.
                (3) improve the machine performance, and improve the reliability
                By electric spindle structure of nc machine tools, because the structure is simplified, the transmission, connection link is reduced, thus improving the reliability of the machine tool;Mature technology, complete function and good performance, reliable quality of the motorized spindle features so as to further perfect the performance of the machine tool, to further improve the reliability.< br / >
                (4) the special requirements of some high-end CNC machine tools
                Some high-end CNC machine tools, such as machine tools, a parallel pentahedron machining center, holes and hole processing machine tools, electric spindle must be used, can meet the requirements of perfect function.
                Second, to promote the high speed cutting technology is widely used in the field of mechanical processing
                Motorized spindle is directly by the built in motor drive, to meet the high speed cutting machine "high speed, high precision, high reliability and small vibration" requirements, with the high speed machine tool feed system up, high speed cutting tool system in high speed cutting required prerequisite.Motorized spindle and motor frequency conversion technology, the closed-loop vector control, ac servo control technology, can satisfy the turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding and other metal cutting processing needs.The high speed machining technology can solve a lot of problems in mechanical product manufacturing, obtain special machining accuracy and surface quality, so the technique get more and more widely used in various types of equipment manufacturing industry, is becoming the mainstream of metal-cutting processing technology nowadays.High precision, high speed CNC machine tool spindle unit is one of the main body of high speed cutting technology, is the core of high precision, high efficiency of high-grade CNC machine tool features, is the aerospace, automotive, Marine, cutting-edge products such as precision molds, precision machinery manufacturing the core parts of high-grade processing machine tools required.The current domestic external electric spindle technology development is very rapid, each manufacturer is in high reliability, energy saving, high accuracy, high processing efficiency, environmental protection, intelligent technology research, in order to form their own characteristics, occupied the commanding heights of the electric spindle technology development.
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