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                The daily maintenance of high-speed motorized spindle
                   It is well known that machinery is a must to maintain, it, like cars, even if it is a good a car, if the driver no love, no maintenance, the car will be in the same question!It broke down in the halfway of the long journey!Engraving and milling machine need maintenance,   
                  especially the high-speed motorized spindle is very important, and very delicate components, more need maintenance! Daily maintenance work is clean, this seemingly small things, but to extend the service life of high speed motorized spindle plays a big role!Spindle motor is an everyday in the wear parts, if you want to extend the life you have to by maintenance to provide a good working environment!Daily maintenance of spindle motor from the following aspects.

                (1) to establish the consciousness of love engraving and milling machine, high speed motorized spindle, the consciousness of love into effect is to develop "the finished work will clean the spindle motor" habits!If this habit form, the maintenance of high-speed motorized spindle is the most important work to do!
                (2) the operator use cleaner to clean up after work every day to the rotor end of the spindle motor and motor terminals on the scraps, prevent scraps in the rotor accumulated on the client and terminal blocks, so as to avoid scraps into bearing, accelerate the wear of high-speed bearing;Avoid scraps into terminal blocks, cause electrical short circuit burned.
                (3) for each card and replace cutting tools, the operator must be card holder to the head, can't use directly insert draw out a sword with the method of tool change!
                (4) the operator will form a habit, will card after unloading knife head and pressure cap is clean.
                (5) is also a habit, when is the operator on the knife must to clean tool, the head and the pressure cap!This detail, spindle motor can greatly prolong the life of a!
                (6) a day after startup operator must check the motor cooling water working condition, to check the water pump is working correctly, to check whether the cooling water by scale, microbial contamination, check line status is normal, must want to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water!It is strictly prohibited inside the spindle motor spindle motor without cooling water through the open!Only on the premise of normal cooling spindle motor is in good working condition.If the hose is there poor die bending caused by water or dirt pipeline, will cause the spindle motor cannot work normally, and will affect the processing effect. Use the spindle motor
                (7) according to the specification!Is the best way to do this maintenance

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