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                Spindle motor operation specification
                Any a kind of device has its operation specification, if the operator can according to the specification to operate, less equipment failure, life is long;On the other hand, failure, life is short.Spindle motor is a kind of precision components, the use is more exquisite, in use, please must be in accordance with the following specifications:
                (1) engraving and milling machine operators must be trained and recognition, it is strictly prohibited to no trained operators use carving and milling machine.
                (2) before operation, the first to ensure normal motor cooling circulatory system, and then open the spindle motor, it is strictly prohibited in no cooling conditions using the spindle motor.
                (3) working environment temperature is not higher than 30 ℃ and 30 ℃ when the environment temperature is higher than after should use air conditioning, or use the refrigerating machine for spindle motor cooling.
                (4) the spindle motor cooling water using pure water, the water must be clean and in order to prevent microbial and scale production, under normal circumstances should once every seven days in the water, when the surrounding environment above 30 ℃, nor under the condition of forced cooling measures, should be a day when the highest temperature change of a pure water.Other operators make it a habit to pay attention to the water temperature in the work, should change the water when the water temperature exceeds 30 ℃.
                (5) the use of engraving and milling machine must use the regulated power supply and uninterrupted power supply, in order to guarantee the reliability of the work.
                (6) to work every day, the spindle motor according to the principle of from low speed to high speed running, acc preheating step by step, when the motor reaches the required speed and no-load running smooth, cooling and then carry on the processing temperature, so as to ensure better machining accuracy.
                More than two days (7) if the downtime, must step from low speed to high speed of motor according to motor running in steps of no-load running in, after running-in through before using.
                (8) should be in accordance with the principle of technical service personnel to provide with a knife for processing, carving knife in planning reasonable way to make sure that the spindle motor bearing, must avoid the vertical knife, spindle motor overload is forbidden, in order to ensure the normal service life of the spindle motor.
                (9) it is forbidden to use the blade wear of cutting tool for processing.Still continue to use after the tool wear, axial force increased motor, lead to bearing damage, but also affect the precision and effect of sculpture.
                (10) in the process of operation are strictly forbidden to hit, hit the spindle motor rotor side.Ask the operator must pay attention to the Z axis when the knife, the cutting point to review input the parameters of the cutting point, to prevent wrong operation.To avoid in the process of operation such as impact, knife phenomenon of spindle motor bearing damage.Once knife phenomenon, should immediately stop, so as to avoid high speed cause more damage to bearing!Then, starting from the low speed to get up to speed, slightly longer time than normal working time, until the motor operates smoothly and normally before you start to work.
                (11) if the improper operation, card head stuck in the motor rotor side, it is forbidden to use the method of tapping motor rotor head out card.Only when processing tools such as pick up card with forceps head, but it can't damage the motor rotor screw thread.At this point, the card head and pressure cap has completely loss of accuracy, must be replaced immediately afterwards card head and pressure cap, or continue to use still will damage the motor rotor.
                (12) using a workpiece cutting fluid, the cutting fluid must go in the tool cutting parts, only in this way can play a role of cutting tool and workpiece cooling, forbidden to cutting fluid on the pressure cap and motor rotor end.
                (13) of tool use spring clip card.In order to ensure the accuracy of the cutting tool with card and processing quality, also in order to avoid the pressure cap, the rotor is damaged, before each pack card cutter, must use gasoline or WD40 cleaner clean the card head and pressure cap!To regularly check and remove the residue inside the card head aperture, will head of inner hole and outside surface (including cone, end face, etc.) to scrub clean, rotor and card head to cooperate on the face, cone hole scrub clean again after the knife.
                (14) in the correct way up and down the knife, can't use brute force knife from top to bottom, to prevent rotor and pressure cap slide fastener.
                (15) don't use the spindle motor, around the clock at least once a day to rest spindle motor 2, to ensure the spindle motor can recover mechanical fatigue so as to prolong the life of the spindle motor.
                (16) without the use of tools and pressure cap has worn tool change.
                Don't processing graphite materials (17).
                (18) to maintenance according to maintenance system for spindle motor.
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