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                Contact Us
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                shenzhen NumberOne motor co., LTD
                Sales: 0755-36636875
                Contact person: Mr Luo (13510930126).
                Purchasing department: 0755-36636871
                Contact person: miss Chen
                Administration: 0755-36636873
                Contact person: miss liu
                The finance department: 0755-36636872
                Contact: xie
                The true: 0755-36636870
                Website: www.lbwcnc.com
                Mail box: www.lbwgsdj@163.com
                Address: baoan district of shenzhen shajing xinqiao furong industrial zone xin fengyuan industrial park develop self kang avenue C building 1st floor
                GPS navigation, please locate: baoan district seiko plate-making company navigation destination is reached (150 m or forward to)
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                Address: China - shenzhen baoan district ShaJingZhen xinqiao furong industrial zone self kang road 1st floor, building no. 1 C