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                About Us
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                  Shenzhen rambo flourishing motor co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in PCB drilling machine spindle, the spindle, specular machine spindle, carved machine spindle, carving machine spindle, CNC engraving and milling spindle and its spare parts research and development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance as one of the production-oriented enterprise science and technology.
                     Company since its establishment, relying on the strong market demand, in guangdong province and the mature product structure level, refer to the same industry more high quality products, targeted to develop various models and specifications of the high speed motorized spindle; My company production of motorized spindle with high speed, high precision, large torque, low noise, long life and other characteristics; Widely used in CNC CNC machining centers, engraving and milling machine, engraving machine and PCB drilling and milling machine and other ancillary equipment.
                  Since the company founded, we are in pursuit of perfect product design, proper material selection, adhere to strict technological process, reasonable pricing and provide quality and efficient service, to do the best cost performance products for the ultimate goal, at the same time, according to the personalized needs of customers to provide professional product customization services. Continuous improvement, innovation!
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